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The black obsidian is a powerful stone, from volcanic rock. Introspection stone par excellence. Vital force, protection and healing. It helps repel harmful energies, dissolve anger. Aid to make decision by bringing clarity. Helps find balance. Access healing, cuts, soothes torn skins, cervical pain and arthosis, sprains, blue.

Dimensions: 16 x 6cm - Antioxidant and antallergen zinc alloy

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Place the tool in the fridge for a few minutes to decongest or in hot water to relax your skin.

After cleaning your skin:

1. Apply a few drops of our Argan oil. Starting with your neck, pull up, losing a slight pressure.
2. Place your roller under your chin and lift. Go up to your lips.
3. Continue with the jaw outline, gently pulling the roller along the jaw bone in order to define the outline and lift it.
4. Go up to your cheekbones and roll to the root of the hair, where the muscles of your face are attached.
5. Gently massage the eye area by lighter pressure.
6. Place your roll between your eyebrows and massage up. Massage your forehead towards the hair line, slightly above your eyebrow.
7. Finish by performing crossed movements to help your oil penetrate more deeply into your skin.
8. For the lymphatic drainage massage, go up along your jaw and your cheekbone to your ear.
Massage your neck down by finishing with the collarbone to drain the liquid in the lymph nodes.


- lifte and sculpt
- improves blood flow
- Reduces the puffiness and eliminates toxins by the lymph nodes
- Helps absorb skin care products more deeply in the skin
- Promotes the production of collagen
- Increases the penetration of your skin care products so that you can benefit as much as possible from the active ingredients that you apply to your skin.
- Use daily or at least several times a week for better results.

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