How to make a complete body care?


Exfoliate his skin:
Exfolier This is the principle of the scrub to remove the dead cells present
on the skin. There are 2 types of exfoliation: that known as mechanical which involves mechanical action of the hands; By carrying out circular movements to activate the withdrawal of dead cells, and so -called chemical exfoliation which acts alone on dead skin. Exfoliation creates a terrain conducive to cell renewal. It allows you to obtain a refined skin texture and smooth skin.

illuminate your skin:
Once your skin has been exfoliated, it is ready to receive a treatment.
According to your skin issues choose your suitable treatment.
A rich nourishing cream for dry skin, a light oil for
mature skin, a fluid cream for sensitive skin.
on a skin still wet Apply our organic body Elixir all over your body. << BR> The elixir will seal your skin hydration and firm it. A cocktails of
vitamins A, B, C, E to nourish your skin and bring it radiance.
Extend your summer tan and protect your skin in a single gesture.

Love True.

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