Our history

Discover the roots of True

We craft and deliver the highest quality Argan oil available on the market while empowering women's entrepreneurship and highlighting positive human practices.


Meroia, the founder and owner of True The Argan Company, was born in the vibrant city of Casablanca, Morocco, raised in the fashionable city of Paris, France and thrived in the free-spirited american culture as she lived in various cities while adapting to her new adoptive country.

While her roots are firmly moroccan she has spent many years between France, England and the USA. During her life she has traveled throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. Whether in the Seychelles, Japan, Thailand, India and Romania or China and Portugal; her travels have undoubtedly influenced her love for yummy authentic food and exposed her to amazing beauty treatments from across the globe and from all walks of life.

She has always been beauty and health conscious woman and her travels and life experiences in different countries only magnified her enthusiasm for authenticity and quality products. With her discerning palate for food and expertise of beauty products she decided to pursue her passion into argan oils as they can be used in both skin care and in the culinary arts.

Before launching true the argan company she spent her career working in corporate America, but she knew that the ambition to have a more meaningful life and to produce a product that would help people inside and out could no longer be denied and would be her new adventure.

Currently, you will find her travelling from Morocco, the USA back to Paris while building her business.

"At our foundation is a deep respect for the connection between internal health and external beauty. Because beauty can only be true from the inside out."

- Meroia, founder of True The Argan Company

To support all our efforts for Women’s independence and the protection of the Argan trees, we have created Tamrart Foundation .

The objective is to contribute to the education of children and to promote the independence of women; Part of the profits are donated to the foundation.

Tamrart organizes cultural trips, covers part of the medical expenses. It also acts to preserve and develop the argan tree and its regression.


Morocco is blessed with this life-sustaining tree – it bears fruit that provides a livelihood to the people, food and shelter for the goats and nourishes our bodies inside and out across the globe. There is nowhere else in the world but in the Berbere region that has the best tree roots in the finest soil to harvest and produce Argan oil. When we think of our precious Argan tree we are filled with images of goats hopping on the strong tree branches and feeding on the Argan nut from sunrise to sunset. The desire to uncover the secret of the Argan Tree brought us back to our ancestral roots. This tree is the beginning and the end – a full cycle of life – taking our passion and experience for health, beauty and food into the service of others…