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Discover our range of IN & OUT products with certified Organic Argan oil, naturally rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

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Our mission is to bring you the purest and best Argan Oil.

What products are available at TRUE The Argan Company?

On our eshop you will find a Cosmetic range and a Culinary range. We carry healthy and Organic products IN (culinary) and OUT (cosmetic). Products that we produce in Morocco, respecting the tradition. Bottled in France in containers that protect and guarantee stability of benefits and flavors over time.


We only select whole kernels. To obtain one liter of Argan oil, we need 35kg of Argan trees, or one tree to one tree and a half.


We cold press the oil with a high pressure mechanical process to keep all the properties unaltered.


Five is the number of times the oil is filtered in order to obtain pure cosmetic argan oil. This is the epitome of oil benefits.


We have implemented different stability laboratory tests, over time, months/years, and in different environmental conditions. Our oils are stable over long periods without degradation in taste, color and odor.


We produce and deliver the highest quality argan oil available on the market.


Thanks to our Tamrart foundation, we promote female entrepreneurship and help preserve the argan tree ecosystem.

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TRUE argan oil is a secret weapon of beauty routine. The best natural treatment for all skin types (sensitive, acne, oily, dry ...) TRUE argan oil has amazing healing prope...

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My skin has been transformed since using argan oil. I have suffered from acne since I was a teenager, fewer spots and above all my skin is radiant! THANK YOU !!

Charlotte H.

Verified Customer

What a delight. The pot ended so quickly. Really delicious.

Valerie L.

Verified Customer

True's products are of excellent quality! I tasted this wonderful Amlou and I will recommend it! I will also try cosmetic oil and cooking oil soon.

Fatima A.

Verified Customer

Exceptional quality, a truly delicious product. Fast shipping and receiving.

Louisa A.

Verified Customer

I have had eczema on my face and stomach for a few years, your argan oil calms the crises and the traces have really diminished. I am very satisfied...

Chloé V.

Verified Customer

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Part of our profits are donated to the TAMRART Foundation.