Discover the many ways to use culinary argan oil, a wonderful discovery of Moroccan gastronomy! Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, a tree endemic to Morocco, and is renowned for its exceptional taste and nutritional qualities.

  1. Delicate seasoning: Argan oil is an excellent substitute for olive oil in salad dressings and marinades. Its slightly nutty taste subtly enhances your salads and dishes.

  2. Authentic Moroccan cuisine: Use argan oil to give a traditional touch to your tajines, couscous and other Moroccan dishes.

  3. On roasted vegetables: Brush your vegetables with a drizzle of argan oil before putting them in the oven for a refined and tasty taste.

  4. Pastries and desserts: Add a delicate note to your cakes, muffins and cookies by incorporating argan oil into your recipes.

  5. Dips and sauces: Enrich your pasta sauces, dips and mayonnaise with this unique oil for unforgettable flavor.

  6. Low temperature cooking: argan oil is perfect for cooking over low heat.

  7. Toasts gourmands : Spread a thin layer of argan oil on slices of toast and add your favorite topping.

  8. Seafood : Bring a touch of elegance to your seafood by sprinkling them with a drop of argan oil.

  9. Creative cuisine: Experiment by incorporating argan oil into unconventional dishes, like ice cream or smoothies, for a unique taste experience.

  10. Vegetarian cooking: Vegetarians can take advantage of this flavorful oil to enhance their meatless dishes.

  11. Baking: Baste your meats and poultry before cooking for juicy and aromatic results.

  12. Bread dipping: Prepare a sauce based on argan oil, cumin, garlic and chilli to dip your fresh bread.

  13. Finishing oil: Just before serving, add a few drops of argan oil to your dishes for a luxurious finishing touch.

  14. Gourmet glasses: Include argan oil in your verrine creations to surprise your guests.

  15. Fruit salads: Enhance your fruit salads with a drizzle of argan oil for a sweet and exotic note.

By choosing culinary argan oil, you treat yourself to a gustatory journey to the heart of Moroccan cuisine, while benefiting from the benefits of this oil rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Add a touch of authenticity to your dishes and discover the magic of argan oil!

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