How to determine your skin type?


This guide allows you to understand and know your skin type in order to be able to choose the products that will be effective.

It is essential to know the skin type to be able to apply suitable care. Each individual has their own type of skin which sometimes varies depending on the seasons and age.

The most popular skin is the so -called normal skin It is a skin that is described as smooth with a fine skin texture.

Sometimes the skin can be of constant discomfort; This is the case for dry skin which is a tugging and peeling skin. In the same discomfort register, we find sensitive skin which is skin with redness and which is very reactive.

Some skins are subject to imperfections, in particular oily skin: it is a skin that secretes a lot of sebum and therefore causes a shiny and shiny appearance of the skin.

The mixed skin has a combination of 2 skin types: the skin is dry in the cheeks and the skin is oily on the T zone (forehead-nez-omeon).
it appears naturally with Signs of age are mature skin is skin that lacks firmness, with fine lines and sometimes dark spots.

What routine skincare adopt in less than 4 stages.

Mixed skin: 1) Removal + cleaning with the washing care of your choice + 2) Application of a matifying treatment on the T + 3 area) Use of a fluid cream on the rest of the face.

Dry skin: 1) MAPEMBILIER with an oil + 2) Cleaning with micellar water + 3) Vaporization of a moisturizing toner + 4) Use of a rich nourishing cream .

oily skin: 1) makeup with an oil + deep cleaning with a purifying soap + 2) Realization of a peel + 3) Use of a mattifying gel texture or A mattifying fluid cream.

normal skin: 1) MAPEILING + Cleaning with the washing solution of your choice + 2) Use of a 2 in 1 + 3 scrub) Application of a fluid cream Suitable for normal skin.

Sensitive skin : 1) Removal with an oil + cleaning with micellar water + 2) Vaporization of a toner to soothe and hydrate the skin + 3) Use of a Rich cream adapted to atopic skin.

mature skin: 1) makeup with an oil + cleaning with the washing care of its choice + 2) Use of an anti-aging serum + 3) Application of a cream Anti-aging.

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