Stretch marks are common, resulting from everything from growth spurts and weight changes to pregnancy. They may appear on your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and breasts. 

Argan oil is an ideal treatment, as it not only heals stretch marks on multiple fronts, but it's effective in helping to prevent their formation in the first place.

What Makes Argan Oil Special and Effective?

Despite having been used as natural skincare for centuries, most people ignore the power of Argan oil's health benefits. What makes this oil stand out from most other natural skincare products are its high levels of key nutrients and its easy application.

Argan is packed with vitamins E and A (both vital in maintaining healthy skin), as well as various essential fatty acids.  It's also non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and clinical studies have shown how effective it is in promoting skin elasticity.

Argan's multi-tasked approach to treating stretch marks gives it an advantage that other products simply don't have. For instance, argan oil can:

  • Encourage healthy skin cell growth through vitamins and fatty acids

  • Improve elasticity in the skin

  • Lighten the appearance of stretch marks

  • Keep skin hydrated

And, to our greatest pleasure, it can help prevent stretch marks from forming. Using pure Argan oil as a daily moisturizer can help keep the skin healthy, giving you a head start in the fight against stretch marks.

How To Use it

After washing your skin with gentle soap and warm water, place a few drops on your fingertip and gently massage over your stretch marks. Do this twice a day (preferably morning and evening). After the first 6-8 days, you should begin to see new stretch marks lightening. After a few weeks, both new and older stretch marks will begin to be less physically pronounced and will be closer in color to your normal skin tone.

Good To Know

Applying 100% pure Argan oil onto the skin during pregnancy is entirely safe. 

For centuries, Moroccan women have consumed and applied argan oil during their pregnancies.  Pregnant women are welcome to massage the oil into the affected skin several times a day. As pure Argan oil is organic (plant-based oil which is not toxic) it will not harm the baby's health. 

Indeed, Pure Argan Oil is the best and safest way to prevent + remove birth stretch marks.

With Love, TRUE.

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