1. Moisturizing with Argan Oil

    Moisturise more than you usually do. This isn’t going to make your skin oily but will support it without blocking natural sebum production.

    Moreover, Argan Oil has a soothing, nourishing, and protecting effect on the skin which is much needed during the winter season.

  2. Extra Vitamins For Skin

    Amino Acids ( Vitamin B ): Soothe skin, help moisturize, act as antioxidants.
    Vitamin C & D are good for skin renewal and condition as well.
    Use Zinc supplements to help prevent spots.
    Linoleic Acid is known for its benefits for clearer skin. You can find this in Culinary Argan Oil.

  3. Exfoliating Face Masks

    Winter winds stir up dirt and dust that settle on the skin. A gentle exfoliating face mask can clear pores and brighten the complexion. Try completely natural Moroccan Rhasosul Clay. Next, combine some pure Argan Oil.
    Apply this to the face and leave it for about 10 minutes to dry. Rinse off with cold water and pat dry. Massage a little Argan Oil into the skin after.

  4. Drink more Water

    Winter environments lead to dehydration. Homes and workplaces are heated and cold weather dries the skin. Make sure to replace lost fluids by regularly drinking water throughout the day.

  5. Avoid Harsh Chemical Soaps and Cosmetics

    Most commercial soaps contain sulfates. These make some soaps and shower gels foam up, BUT remove your sebum. If your skin feels tight after a shower, it’s damaged. In this case, soothing Argan Oil to prevent irritation is the best cure.

  6. Boost Your Immune System

    Get extra Vitamin A / Beta-carotene into your diet. Beta carotene has powerful antioxidant properties.
    Foods high in B-C include carrot juice (fresh) sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens, butternut squash, cantaloupe, lettuce, red bell peppers, apricots, broccoli, and peas…
    Plenty of research shows that diets rich in antioxidants can boost health.

  7. Protect Your Hair

    When winter wreaks havoc on your hair, restore moisture with Argan Oil to instantly revitalize dry, damaged hair.
    Apply pure Argan Oil at the ends daily to help replenish moisture and protect your hair from blow-drying and the harsh weather conditions.

  8. Wash Your Hair Less

If possible, try and limit yourself to washing your hair just two or three times a week to prevent it from drying out in the cold. This minimizes the amount of heat styling in your routine, which can be extremely harsh on the hair, especially in the winter.

With Love, TRUE.

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